Insurers Requirements

For the protection of our buyers and sellers, we carry cheque and title insurance with A.I.A. (Auction Insurance Agency). They require that we adhere to the following:

  • All purchases must be paid for on the day of the purchase.
  • Personal or counter cheques are not acceptable.
  • Total purchase of $50,000.00 or more must be approved by auction management.
  • All documentation pertaining to good and clear title must be received by the auction prior to the release of sales proceeds.
  • Vehicles with missing, unmatched or mutilated (V.I.N.) Vehicle Identification Numbers are subject to police inspection prior to being auctioned.

Auction Rules

  • Retail buyers are not allowed on the auction premises.
  • Dealers must register on auction day and wear auction I.D. provided by the auction.
  • Drivers are not allowed in the immediate auction area.
  • The auction does not tolerate any backyard dealing.
  • All vehicles sold or bought on auction premises must be transacted through our office.
  • Shill bidding (Price Boosting) is a practice not tolerated at this auction and will result in suspension of auction privileges.
  • All vehicles cosigned for sale must cross the auction block. Vehicles sold out of line will not be subject to arbitration.
  • The auction does not guarantee the year of any recreational vehicle, motorcycle, boat or motor, snowmobiles, golf carts, antiques, reconstructed vehicles, machinery, etc. Satisfy yourself before you buy as the auction will not get involved in any arbitration or discrepancies of any sort.
  • The seller represents and guarantees to the auction and the buyer that he/she has the right to sell and transfer all vehicles he/she sells with good title, free and clear of all liens or encumbrances of any sort. This guarantee is passed on to the buyer and is limited to the auctioned price of the said vehicle. Under no circumstances will this guarantee exceed the sale price of this vehicle! This guarantee shall reduce by 2% per month following the date of sale and applies only to the original auction buyer.
  • The auction will not get involved with the validity of any "Drive Clean" "Safety Standard Certificate". Bid and buy accordingly.
  • The auction reserves the right to interpret all rules relating to representations and warranties affecting vehicles and to the terms and conditions of all dealers doing business.

Important Notice:

Dealers buying, selling or in attendance at the Barrie Auto Auction are bound by all auction rules, arbitration policies, OMVIC and insurers requirements together with announcements made or posted from time to time. Any breech of these policies, rules, or requirements could result in cancellation of a dealers' auction privileges.

Disclosure of Prior Use

Sellers must declare on the front of the contract and of the following if it applies to their vehicle:

  • "Daily Rental" if the vehicle was a previous daily rental and has never been owned by a consumer.
  • Police vehicles including undercover and unmarked vehicles.
  • Any vehicle previously used as a taxi, airline limousine, or school vehicle.
  • Any vehicle previously used as a driving school vehicle.

Only vehicles made for U.S. use and properly imported into Canada can be sold and must be announced as such. No "Grey Market" Vehicles are accepted "For Sale".


The seller is responsible for the accuracy of any represent or declarations made in regards to his/her vehicle. Errors and omissions are the sole responsibility of the seller.

Any stipulations, promises or guarantees made between the buyer and seller must appear on the contract. The auction assumes no responsibility for verbal commitments and will not get involved.

The buyer is responsible for verification as to the accuracy of model year, serial number and odometer reading recorded on the bill of sale prior to leaving the auction premises.

Tied Bids

Occasionally the Ring Man and the Auctioneer accept bids from two different bidders at the same time for the same price. The Auctioneer will usually re open the bidding between the two bidders involved in any manner he/she feels appropriate under the circumstances. The decision of the Auctioneer prevails.

Auction resumes no responsibility for the following situations:

  • Damage resulting from low fluid levels or anti freeze.
  • Physical damage resulting from fire, theft, hail or other acts of God, vandalism or collision. Buyers and sellers must carry their own insurance coverage.
  • Damage incurred by third party services i.e. towing, transportation or outside repairs.

Arbitration Policies

There ia a $50.00 administration fee for processing an arbitration request. This fee will be charged to the party determined to be at fault (buyer or seller) after resolution of the issue.

Arbitration is not a tool for price chopping or renegotiation, but a fair and amicable method of settling a dispute between the buyer and the seller.


It is your responsibility to represent your vehicle properly. You will build confidence and create goodwill by declaring all defects (regardless of how minor). Remember the next vehicle down the lane may be one that you want to buy.


To be eligible for arbitration you must first pay for your purchase.


You have until 12:00 p.m. Friday to request arbitration due to mechanical defects or misrepresentations that are subject to arbitration.


You have a further 7 Calendar Days to arbitrate undeclared items such as taxis, police vehicles, accident repair, stolen and recovered, insurance company write-offs, salvage and frame or flood damaged vehicles.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the proper declarations have been made, if possible prior to leaving the auction premises.

Unauthorized costs or charges incurred against the vehicle (such as towing or transportation) after removal from the auction premises are the buyers' responsibility. Vehicles requiring arbitration must be returned directly to the auction.

Speciality Shops

Most arbitrations are settled by outside speciality shops chosen by the auction.

The cost incurred by these inspections will be the responsibility of the party at fault (either the buyer or the seller).

The auction will hold the seller responsible for the admin and selling fees should the sale be cancelled due to defects that should the sale be cancelled due to defects that should have been declared!!

Ride and Drive

The seller is responsible for the accuracy of any "Ride & Drive" declaration.

Any vehicle sold "Ride & Drive" must conform to arbitration policies and it is the sellers' responsibility to ensure the declarations are accurate.

In the situation that any vehicle is arbitrated due to sellers' misrepresentation which causes the deal to be aborted, it will be the sellers' responsibility to pay the auction selling fee and admin fee.

It is the buyers' responsibility to check out their purchases prior to any arbitration deadlines.

Subject to Arbitration

All vehicles sold "Ride & Drive" must conform to the following:


Major defects in excess $750.00 (excluding taxes) on engine, transmission, power train, rear wheel and front drive components, all wheel drive and 4X4 drive components (not including wheel or axle bearings), ABS braking system, air conditioning, computers, missing pollution control devices and all safety restraint systems. This is on a per item basis.


Accident repaired in excess of $3,000.00 (excluding taxes), reconstructed, flood or fire damaged, stolen and recovered (any vehicle written off by an insurance company or branded for any reason what so ever ) or any vehicle which has has frame damage regardless of how minor (repaired or not ) and subject to the opinion of the arbitrator, must be declared on the contract and sold under the "Red Light". Any vehicle that has had a previous 5th wheel must be declared on the contract and sold under the yellow light.


Vehicles that have been lowered or raised must be declared on the contract and are not arbitratable for frame damage or non compliance for safety standards certification.


Any vehicles regardless of the year (in the opinion of the arbitrator) that has rust on the frame or underbody preventing the vehicle form being passed for a Safety Standard Certificate, such as rust must be declared and the vehicle sold "As-Is" under the Red Light.


Any vehicle converted from one fuel to another (natural gas or propane) must be declared and announced at time of sale.


Rear main seal and cylinder heads gaskets.


It is the responsibility of the seller to ensure the accuracy of the odometer declaration within 1,000 kilometers.


The seller must declare if two or more adjacent panels (excluding bumper panels) have been replaced on a vehicle.

If the panels were replaced due to an accident, depending on the cost of the repairs it may also be necessary for the seller to make the accident repair declaration.

Not Subject to Arbitration:

  • Any defect declared on the contract by the seller under the Red of Yellow lights.
  • Any defects visible to the eye, such as glass, body damage, rust, upholstery, tires, trim, of accessories.
  • Exhaust, shocks, struts, springs, front suspension, clutch and clutch assembly, cooling system including radiator and pumps.
  • Rack and pinion over 60,000 kilometres or 36,000 miles.
  • Any excessive oil consumption, smoke, noisy valve train or lifters on vehicles over 100,000 kilometres or 60,000 miles .
  • Brakes and brake system (with the exception of ABS) on "Ride & Drive" vehicles.
  • Minor non structural sheet metal damage (repaired or not) or any visible rust.
  • Any vehicle with excess of 150,000 kilometres or 90,000 miles, unless sold with a "Ride & Drive".
  • Branded (rebuilt, salvage, irreparable), accident repaired, stolen and recoverd, police, taxi, limousine, and driving vehicles are sold "STRICTLY AS IS" and are not subject to arbitration for any reason.
  • Any vehicle "sold out of line" and stamped accordingly.
  • Boats, RV's, motorcycles, hot rods, kit cars, trailers, antiques or collector cars, police, taxi, limousine, driving school.
  • Unreserved vehicles are sold "AS IS" and are not subject to arbitration for any reason, excluding title branding. Examples of such are salvage, irreparable, rebuilt, flood damaged, fire damaged or theft recovery.
  • Vehicles sold for $1000 or less are not subject to arbitration for any reason, excluding title branding. Examples of such are salvage, irreparable, rebuilt, flood damaged, fire damaged or theft recovery.
  • Warranty books or cards, regardless of promises make by sellers.

Auction Light System

The light system is for the safety and convenience of our buyers. Always pay attention to the flashing lights over the auction blocks, listen to the Auctioneers' announcements and read the sale contract hanging on the front of the auction blocks. These systems are for your protection:

Green Light - "Ride & Drive"

Vehicle is being sold with No Seller Declarations and is subject to arbitration if not as declared.

Yellow Light

The seller or the Auction has made a declaration that could effect or limit the arbitration privileges. e.g. major defects in excess of $750.00 (excluding taxes) on engine, transmission, power train, rear wheel and front drive components, AWD and 4x4 drive components (not including wheel or axle bearings). ABS braking system, computers, pollution control devices and all safety restraint systems. Any odometer discrepancies as follows: odometer in miles, odometer has been broken and repaired, true distance travelled unknown, five digit odometer.

All of the above must be declared on the contract and sold under the Yellow light.

DEALERS PLEASE NOTE: To declare a "Check Engine Light" under the Yellow light you must be specific as to the cause that triggered the warning, together with the code, otherwise you must sell the vehicle under the Red light with no arbitration privileges for whatever the cause of warning light.

Red Light - "Sellers Declaration"

Any vehicle sold with the red light flashing is being sold with a "Problem Declaration" and "AS IS". Listen to the auctioneers' announcement and read the contract hanging in front of the auction block.


To enable the auction to amicably settle any discrepancies that may occur at the auction blocks, all transactions, announcements, flashing lights and activity around the auction blocks are audio and video recorded and kept on file for a timed period.

Should you be involved in any discrepancy or misunderstanding these tapes are available as replays to amicably settle the problem.

Simulcast via NextLot

In order to register with NextLot you must be a registered dealer and registered with Barrie Auto Auction LTD. Barrie Auto Auction LTD. has the right to deny access to NextLot unless these guidelines are met.

All simulcast auction purchases are subject to an additional $45.00 fee in addition to the standard auction fees.

Simulcast Pre Sale Inspections

Any dealer that wishes to consign for the simulcast the deadline is Wednesday at 12:00 PM. Any consignment after the 12:00 PM deadline will have no condition report done. All vehicle info will still be posted on our website for viewing. Follow the links to log into NextLot for vehicle photos and condition reports.

Simulcast Post Sale Inspections

Any dealer that purchases a vehicle that wishes to have a mechanical and/or frame inspection done, the fees are as follows:

  • $50.00 + HST - Mechanical inspection only.
  • $50.00 + HST - Frame inspection only.
  • $80.00 + HST - for both of the above.


Although Barrie Auto Auction LTD. tried to do the best of its abilities to report damages or dysfunction in any body, paint, parts or otherwise, it is not responsible for any items unnoticed through this visual inspection under $750.00 per item.

Errors of assessment in any way, shape or form through representation of equipment or option under $750.00 per item value, shall not be eligible for arbitration.

Subject to change.