Over 80% of all vehicles detailed at Barrie Auto Auction are sold each and every week!

Industry experts agree that auction reconditioning is an excellent tool that allows dealers to maximize their vehicles profits. It has the potential to increase investment return on their vehicle.

Professionally reconditioned vehicles are much more attractive to potential buyers in numerous ways. The resale value of the vehicles is enhanced. They offer obvious eye appeal and are noticed because they provide a faster, more convenient purchase that is immediately ready for retail sale. The majority of Dealers are looking for "front line" ready vehicles. They want to be able to retail their vehicles on their lot immediately without having to incur any additional costs.

Another benefit of auction reconditioning is that Dealers are able to cover their costs through "Floor Plan Dollars". The vehicles full purchase price is financed allowing Dealers to cover their costs through finance, rather than spending money elsewhere after the purchase. Auction reconditioning is often more cost effective than having it detailed at a Dealership or elsewhere. This boosts profits!!

All information and data clearly shows that buyers pay more for vehicles that have been professionally reconditioned because they offer a much faster turn-time and are visually appealing.

Barrie Auto Auction Ltd is also available for retail cleanups.

We Pay Attention to Detail!

  • Engine Shampoo
  • Complete Interior Shampoo
  • Upholstry Repair
  • Minor Dent Removal
  • Paint Touch-ups
  • Wheel Cleaning
  • Glass Detailing
  • Decal and Glue Removal
  • Wash and Wax
  • Headlight Buffing
  • 1-3 Stage Buff and Polish
  • And Much More